Welcome to Fit Plug Podcast – HeatXtreme

Welcome to Fit Plug Podcast

Another day another podcast! Welcome to Fit Plug Podcast 

Ron Jones and DP cover all topics related to health and fitness as well as an overall achieving a mindful lifestyle. 

The three keys to success

1. Train your cardiovascular system - find the best method for you 

2. Strength training - your muscles will be the foundation of your body and will burn more calories

3. Recovery - nutrition and your rest and recovery

We get deep into nutrition and focus on the importance of having a balanced protein, carb, and fat ratio to function and get the results we are seeking. 

This episode is filled with meticulous details and useful information for you and your journey!  Remember to take all insights the best way you see fit in your lifestyle. 

Tune in for the next episode and feel free to drop us some questions for us to answer!

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