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Fit Plug Podcast Ep 3 - How to Organize Strength Training Routines

In this third Installment of the FitPlug Podcast, Coaches DP and Ron both take you through how you are able to structurize different strength training styles into your routine. Listen here!

The Fit Plug Radio Podcast is a podcast that was built to help educate you to become  smarter and better educated when it comes to exercise. Both Hosts DP and Ron have an extensive background in exercise and nutrition and have been dedicating themselves to the field for well over a decade! 

In this episode we discuss how to program and organize your strength training routine. The first thing we touch base on is that strength training serves one purpose and that is muscle stimuli. This is a controversial topic in the fitness world, that is why we believe that the client should be the first to determine their goals, that way a trainer can design a program to get you where you are. 

You simply can't train everyone in the same way! 

As a trainer we can't determine where you will drop the fat, but we can train you with specificity to help you reach those goals and it all comes down to knowledge and designing a plan in the proper way. Which is what is great about our heat challenge. The reason many join our program is because of the value and education we add behind our program. 

The game plan is to stimulate the muscles so that you can have a response and get what you want to a certain extent! We layout a format on how to get each individual muscle to respond - all depending on your goals. 

Listen here to what DP and Ron have to say about organizing your strength routine!

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