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Cardio VS Strength Training!

The second episode of fit plug with DP and Ron!

On this episode we’re talking about strength training vs cardio, and if you had to choose one for time efficiency which one would you choose?

Ron, personally chooses strength training over cardio, due to his lifestyle. Strength training burns more fat while working those muscles and continues to burn fat.

Whereas DP takes a different approach, by being in the middle but still leaning towards strength training. However when you throw in the time and efficiency then it would be a combination of strength training and cardio while hitting all muscle groups as quickly as he can with the allotted time. 

If you tackle it from the strength training style but make it a HIIT style or tabata style workout you end up making it a more effective workout. 

Consider your explicate goals and choose which you will prioritize based on that. Be honest with yourself and be narrow so you know which way to learn towards. 

In terms of strength training, consider what you are going for in terms of aesthetics. Big Ron Jones is going for mass, that is why he goes for strength training. He is in the field of body building and judged solely on aesthetics and poses, however he still manages to find a balance between the two. 

This isn’t to speak against cardio, just more so boils down to the aesthetics you are going for. Sometimes its not just aesthetics, and more so about heart health and quality of life. 

A great example is pancakes and waffles, we like both of them, doesn’t mean we have to choose one or the other.

When training clients, DP always give them heavier weights, specifically speaking on women. To give the bang for the buck during the 60 minute session to increase the amount of calories one burns during the workout and allows DP to be more efficient during the session also, you would naturally not pick up this much weight if you were working out alone. This is also to pick up your heart rate and get you burning more fat. 

A lot of goals women have is to get rid of the fat, but the larger picture is gaining more muscle mass in order to have less fat! 

This podcast speaks on preference and how one should approach their fitness journey and to attract the results they are going for. Don’t shy away from the weights when you’re asking for a toner and defined body! 

This episode can give you a different approach to your goals and gaining the results you’d like!

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