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Let's Talk Sugar

I notice the biggest difference in not just my physical health but also my energy levels, skin, and overall mood when I cut processed sugar from my diet. The problem is cutting sugar from your diet is a struggle! Personally I struggle with this on a daily basis but the more consistent I am with keeping my sugar low the easier it is. Some other things that have helped include:

1. Tracking the amount of sugar I consume to give me an idea of how much I’m actually eating vs guessing and under estimating the damage. 

2. Going cold turkey and getting rid of all temptations from the house.

3. Getting lots of healthy fats in my diet. Things like avocados, olives, olive oil, nuts and seeds are a staple in my diet. Healthy fats help keep you satiated longer and will help with cravings. 

4. Making sure I always have water on hand and that I’m staying super hydrated. A lot of times cravings occur when we are dehydrated.

4. Staying busy and away from the kitchen when those cravings come through. Give yourself 15 minutes before reaching for that snack.

5. Going for a walk outside to get my mind off the craving.

6. If I must have something sweet I like to stick to low glycemic fruits like berries to get me through the cravings.

7. Enjoying the cookie, ice cream, cake etc when the time is right and I’m out enjoying the day with family, friends, and not feel guilty about it. This isn’t an every day thing and sugar is definitely something I like to have during special occasions because life is too short to deprive yourself completely of the things you enjoy. 

How do you feel about sugar? What are some thing you like to do to decrease sugar from your diet? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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