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Your At Home Slider Workout

You all know that we are major advocates of maximizing time and energy,  particularly when it comes to making time for exercise. The physical discomfort that comes from a challenging workout builds character, strengthens our inner motivational voice, and makes other daily tasks and obstacles seem far less challenging.
For those of you who are tight on time or who are looking for simple, not EASY, workouts that you can perform in a very short amount of time with a very limited amount of space and equipment, check the following circuits that you can perform anywhere at any time.
These first three exercise will crush your core and tax your chest, shoulders, and triceps. You can complete each of these following exercises in a traditional manner, performing sets at one exercise for either time or for repetitions before moving on to the next exercise. If you want to increase the difficultly level, you can perform all three exercises in a circuit fashion. Again, you can perform sets that are repetition based OR sets that are time oriented. 
*Take note: If you do not own a set of “sliders” you may simply repurpose household items in order to complete these movements. For example, if you are on a low friction surface such as tile or hardwood, anything from an old T-shirt to a washcloth can work very well. If you are on a slightly higher friction surface such as carpet or a rug, paper plates or furniture slides are very effective options.
For example: 
Exercise #1: 3 sets of 10 repetitions OR 3 sets of as many reps as you can complete in 30 seconds. Take anywhere from 30-90 seconds rest between sets. Once you have completed all 3 sets at exercise #1, repeat the protocol for exercise #2 and then exercise #3 in similar fashion. If you need an additional challenge, put the 3 movements together in a circuit. Complete 1 set for either reps or time at exercise #1 then immediately perform a set at exercise #2 followed immediately by a set at exercise #3. Once you complete the first round (1 set at each exercise), rest for 30-90 seconds and repeat the process. 

Here is another great group of movements that work the entire body. This combination of moves incorporates total body strength and mobility in multiple planes of movement. This is an EXCELLENT option to use as a dynamic warm-up prior to a sporting event or resistance training session. You can also turn this into a fantastic total body workout if you choose to approach them with focus and intensity. Just as explained above, you can put these moves together in a circuit fashion and push the tempo in order to maximize the return on your time invested!

We have one more for you to try! If you deal with lower back discomfort or if you are looking to increase your ability to activate your glutes and/or hamstrings the third and final exercise of these three is a MUST. Again, these moves can be utilized in a warm-up or can compose a workout in and of themselves. 

We are living in a time were the rat race is constant and we are all strapped for time. With that being said, there are certain things that we all SHOULD be making time for on a regular basis due to the fact that they ultimately enhance quality of life. Friends, family, self-growth, and nourishment of our minds and or bodies through appropriate eating habits and exercise. Making time for these very impactful components of life make this journey so much more enjoyable.
Health is our greatest wealth, let’s find fortune together!

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