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What's up y'all! We know things are getting tough with all this craziness going on and being quarantined at home, but that shouldn't stop you from getting your sweat on! In fact, working out can help boost your immune system, improve your mental health and mood, help control your weight, improve your sleep, and increase your chances of living longer. So this is definitely the best time to take advantage of all the positive benefits that come with exercise. 

We want to make access to your daily works interactive for you guys because it can be a little lonely with all this social distancing we are told to follow.  We have set up a daily LIVE schedule for you to tune into and join in on with coach DP! And if you can't make it to the live, we will be sure to post the workouts on our Youtube channel for you to do when you can. Also, make sure you get the whole family involved! There's nothing better than having the whole family join in on the fun! 

Make sure to turn on your notifications to tune into the LIVES! Follow @iamtherealdp to get access to amazing workouts and content! 


Monday, Wednesday Friday: 11 am Xtreme35 

No time to workout? Now you can get an hour's worth of results in half the time. Xtreme35 is an all-out fat attack with functional movements that strategically burn away the unwanted fat. 

  • All fitness levels 
  • No equipment needed 
  • 35 mins 


Tuesday: 6 pm MAXX OUT 

What happens when you mix a dynamic workout with Juke House, Trap, HipHop and Booty Shaking music? You will now experience MAXX OUT! This is a NONSTOP cardio standing movements class that will burn calories like no other! Get ready to take it to the MAXX!

  • All fitness levels 
  • No gym equipment needed (may use 2-3lb dumbells)
  • 45 mins 


Wednesday: 5 pm LEVELS (Step Aerobics) 

Step up the intensity in just 45 minutes with new dynamic step aerobics cardio moves. This is an exciting and upbeat version of HipHop, Trap & R&B music turned into a workout on your step board. Enjoy an effective cardio workout while stepping to the beat. Get lean and toned while learning to use your step board as your new workout tool.

  • All fitness levels 
  • Step board needed 
  • 45 mins 


Friday: 6 pm Free Style Fridays w/ Home Depot Back Yard and H.E.A.T Class with DP and Friends

June 5, 2020: DP and Chanel Delisser


June 11, 2020: DP and Rocsi 

June 12, 2020: DP and Lita Lewis 

June 19, 2020: DP and Saman Munir 

June 26, 2020: DP and Anowa Adjah 


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