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Round 7 Challenge Winners!

Another round of H.E.A.T Challenge complete and another 5 winners! A big round of applause to everyone that pushed themselves this round. See what they have to say! And join the next round

1)Brittani Lee (brittanibrashon)

This is truly one of the most effective programs out there! The heat challenge initially was just some thing I decided to do with my friend and possibly win money, but once I took my before video, I knew I needed a change. The heat challenge gave me that change I was looking for and then some! You will not regret taking a chance on this program, only $100 to reverse all the bad habits you did for years in 6 weeks!

2)Percina Weathersby (@Perci_gurl)

“Hands down, the best money I’ve ever spent, and the best 1% I ever gave! The H.E.A.T. team is so encouraging and so dedicated to YOUR success! The educational and emotional support is amazing. I am so grateful for the major transformations made in physique, mentality, endurance, and confidence all in just 6 weeks!! I can’t wait to complete round 8 and will forever share the H.E.A.T. Challenge with friends, family, AND strangers.”

3)Brittany Guess (@brittanyguess)

H.E.A.T Challenge changed my life. Prior to joining, I struggled with discipline in many areas and I knew I needed a change. Not only did this challenge force me to discipline myself and transform my physical body, it also transformed my mind and with this came changes and growth that I didn’t even know was possible. I view myself and what I believe I’m capable of in a completely different way. I am different and I owe it to H.E.A.T. I am so thankful for this program. It is unlike any other. And they continue to find ways to provide more and more value with every round! The surplus of workout videos, meal plan variety and education they provide (on top of weekly lives and accountability calls) is unmatched. The time, sacrifice and dedication that is poured into this program by the coaches and the entire team is unreal which speaks to why most challengers that participate in this program don’t leave.. we just continue Round after Round. There will never be another program like H.E.A.T and I’m honored to say that I’m apart of the H.E.A.T. family for life! 

4) Mari Mccoy (@mariijaee_2)

"I wasn’t happy looking in the mirror and knew I should do something. Deciding to join was the best decision I’ve made for myself in a long time. They give you all the tools you need to succeed. You get a meal plan, daily workouts, live accountability calls and more. Give 1% and trust the process, you will see results. This was my first H.E.A.T. Challenge and it won’t be my last."

5)Tina Edwards (@2wheelsbarbette)

“Heat Challenge Round #7 was an amazing experience for me!! I love that the package came with everything I needed to get the results that I’ve been wanting!! I signed up to get that extra push and structure to help me reach my fitness goals  but I actually ended up winning $5000!! This program is truly a blessing!!

Starting Round #8 right now. Thank you so much DP and the entire Heat Challenge Team!! You guys Rock!!

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