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Let's Get Moving

Alright guys, with all the madness going on outside due to the Corona Virus, there's no place we'd rather be than at home. Doing our part by not contributing to the spread of this virus is something we all need to take seriously. 

We do understand that staying cooped up at home for days can drive us all a little crazy and for that reason, we definitely encourage you to workout daily! Working out will help strengthen your immune system, boost those feel-good hormones, and give you a sense of accomplishment throughout this quarantine. Get your kids involved and make it a fun family activity! 

We love the use of resistance bands when it comes to working out at home. They take up little space and offer a wide range of workouts to target the full body. Check out this workout routine Coach Vic guides Malak through. Little Sophia made this a little more challenging for Malak but we are sure many of the parents out there can relate to this struggle. We hope you try this workout out! Comment down below what you think! 

Get your bands HERE today! 

If you're looking for a workout program to follow with your bands, check out our Bands and Body Burn workout program!

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