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Our Top 5 Foods to Support your Immune System

Proper diet is key to achieving the physique you aspire to have but it's also a key factor when trying to keep your immune system healthy and strong. Flu season is upon us and we want to share 5 foods to include in your diet to help support your immune system this flu season. 
  1. Bone Broth: Bone broth is full of gut healing micronutrients that help boost immunity. remember a healthy gut means a healthy immune system. 
  2. Mushrooms: mushrooms boost the activity of natural killer cells which are part of your immune system. They identify and kill viruses and bacteria that are in the body. Mushrooms also improve gut immunity which is very important for overall health and mushrooms are also a good source of vitamin D which also has been shown to strengthen the immune system. 
  3. Oysters: they might not be the first thing to come to mind when you think immune health but oysters are loaded with zinc; a mineral that supports multiple aspects of our immune system. Meat, beans, seafood and nuts also have lots of zinc that you can also incorporate into your diet if oysters aren’t your thing. 
  4. Fish: fish helps your immune system in 3 ways: 1. it is rich in vitamin A which is necessary for the immune system to function well. 2. it contains selenium which aids in glutathione production; a very important detoxifier and antioxidant. and 3, fish is full of omega 3 fats which help reduce inflammation in the body. 
  5. Citrus fruits:  they are so high in vitamin C which helps the immune system by wiping out unwanted invaders. They also support epithelial barriers in the body which are the bodies first line of defense against harmful pathogens. 
Let us know how you like to incorporate these 5 foods into your diet!

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