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September Workout Schedule!

Hey Fitfam! Its go time and round 9 is coming up and I'm sure a lot are going back to school or your kids are, so we've got you covered this month with great workouts for you and for your family to join in on! Lets start this month off strong and make every day count.
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  • Fitness

    Chania Training A Client! Lower Body Workout

  • Fitness

    Upper & Lower Body Circuit Blast

  • Fitness

    August Workout Schedule!

  • Fitness

    Round 7 Challenge Winners!

  • Fitness

    HEAT Challenge Round 7 - LETS GOOOO!

  • Fitness

    Workout LIVE with US!

  • Fitness

    Let's Get Moving

  • Fitness

    How to Work Smarter AND Harder

  • Fitness

    No Equipment Required for this Workout!

  • Fitness

    Your At Home Slider Workout

  • Fitness

    Results! Never Leave Home To Find Them!


Keep Your Brain Sharp

In todays post we wanted to share with you 4 simple things you can do every day to keep your brain sharp, joyful and energized: 1. Eat fat, protein...
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