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Heat Challenge | Round 17

What exactly is the H.E.A.T

Challenge?Get fit, Get PaidThe hardest part of getting fit is getting started- so what better way to get you in shape than a team of dedicated coaches, a community of challengers, and a pile of cash.

The HEAT platform includes a personalized, AI-powered nutrition plan, courses of training videos, and weekly accountability coaching calls, along with a community of fellow challengers.

The best part: you get fit, and get a $2,500 cash prize.

Use HEAT anywhere, with everything you need to get healthy and reach your personal goals- from beginner, intermediate, to expert. Choose your own fitness journey with over 50 courses, from cardio to the perfect booty: or choose HEAT On Demand, to get unlimited access to our workout plans.

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Join Thousands of People who Made the Change

In order to participate and qualify for the cash prizes, you must register now.

This is a 30 day challenge. The challenge will run from 05/31/21 – 06/30/21

All contestants will be judged on their before and after videos showing a front, back, and both side views. Before and after videos must be in the specified poses required or the participant will be disqualified from winning.

Winners will be determined by objective voting by our team to have the most significant, impressive overall transformation in body composition.

The winners will be announced on 07/11/21 at 9 pm eastern time zone

Real Results, Real Winners

Haley Elmore@haleyelmore_

“This challenge is the best program that I’ve ever been apart of. Not only has it changed my physical appearance but it has changed my mindset on health and fitness as well. I love being apart of this community. It helps you to be accountable and want to go harder to achieve your goals.”

Jean Davis@jelly_jean1

"I wasn’t happy looking in the mirror and knew I should do something. Deciding to join was the best decision I’ve made for myself in a long time. They give you all the tools you need to succeed. You get a meal plan, daily workouts, live accountability calls and more. Give 1% and trust the process, you will see results. This was my first H.E.A.T. Challenge and it won’t be my last."

John Gillespie@jontoofake

“This challenge is the best program that I’ve ever been apart of. Not only has it changed my physical appearance but it has changed my mindset on health and fitness as well. I love being apart of this community. It helps you to be accountable and want to go harder to achieve your goals.”

Workout & Diet Plans for You

4 Week Bodyweight

No gym? No problem! This Challenge includes 4 week of workouts that require no equipment. Just follow along with your trainer and start burning calories.

4 Week Gym Program

If you enjoy working out at the gym but have no idea where to start, our gym program will guide you through specific workouts to achieve your physique goals.

4 Week Dumbbell Program

Building a booty in just 4 weeks has never been so easy! In this program, we give the entire instructional blueprint of exactly how to workout your booty for max results!

Follow Along Recipe Videos

Nutrition is the foundation of any weight loss program. You will receive a 4-week plan customized to your preference that will tell you exactly what and when to eat.

All New:
Interactive Meal Planner

  • Track daily calorie and macros
  • Easy food logging
  • Plan meals by day, week or
  • Visual breakdown of calorie
    macro goals
  • Exact macros calculated based
    on your goals
  • Auto suggested foods based
    on preference

Weekly Coaching Calls

Weekly Group Calls

Hop on the weekly group calls to discuss how your week went with the group, the challenges you're facing, and questions you might have.

Facebook Support Group

Join hundreds of challenge participants on our private Facebook group. Here you will find daily check-ins from your trainer and a safe space for you to engage with other challengers.

Stay Accountable

With weekly coaching calls and our facebook support group, holding you 100% accountable is our guarantee.

Year after year, the H.E.A.T. Challenge has effectively coached participants after participants to help them achieve their goal. Our structured workout program, combined with accountability groups, will help you attain your DREAM BODY.

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Give me 1% I'll earn the 99%

Not only do we want you to achieve your dream results, we want you to enjoy the process of improving yourself. Bringing value and earning your trust is our #1 priority with this Challenge. This easy to follow program is your answer to becoming a better you.

Your Results are Personally Guaranteed

Heat Challenge | Round 17

Our goal is to educate individuals on the proper way to reach their fitness goals. Most of the time people lack motivation and just never start.

But what better way to incentivize someone to do anything other than a CASH prize!

Our structured and progressive follow-along workout program, nutrition plan, accountability group, and weekly coaching calls will help you progress from one step to the next in your fitness journey, and help you achieve the overall dream body you’ve always deserved and win some cash too!

Limited Spots are Available!



When do I get my workout and meal plans?

What do I do after I filI out the questionnaire?

I signed up but never received an email, what do I do?

How do I stream/watch the workout videos?

Can my plans be customized to gain weight?

Does this work if I am Vegetarian?

Does this work if I have certain diet restrictions?

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