Coach Alicia

Gym Glute Hypertrophy Program

Why go under the knife, when I’ve got the tools to get you right! Give this glute and lower body focused gym program a try and let me show you that you CAN build the body of your dreams.

The goal with this 3day/week lower body program is to shape, tone, lift and build not only your glutes, but your legs as well! Pair my program with MAXX to give you the energy to get through these workouts and BCAAs for recovery and you can’t go wrong with this trio!

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Coach Alicia

Alicia Norris, is a single mother and Florida native, that is now happy to call Atlanta home. Fitness has always been a huge part of her life, as she has spent the last 17+ years gaining knowledge as an athlete, student, coach, mentor, and trainer. She is a proud board certified Physical Therapist in both Florida and Georgia. Her free time is spent raising her amazing son, enjoying their shared love of animals and the outdoors.

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My Go-To Supplements

Some of my go to supplements from HEAT performance would have to be the collagen- it has no taste so you can mix it with ANYTHING- including the greens, which are another all time favorite of mine. Who doesn’t want healthy skin, hair and nails while getting their daily dose of vegetables? Can’t beat that combo or the AMAZING taste of the greens- no chalky taste over here- just add water! MAXX is definitely on the list. It’s an all natural fat burner that gives you the energy you need to get through your workouts and the focus you need to tackle your day.


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Glute Program


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The H.E.A.T. Challenge is a movement that requires tending to thousands of people in a 6 week period.

Seems impossible to serve all these people, right? That’s where we stand out! Accountability is one of our greatest strong suits.

The H.E.A.T. Challenge is a movement that requires tending to thousands of people in a 6 week period.

What People Are Saying

Haley Elmore@haleyelmore_

“While signing up I would never have guessed how much this challenge would change my life!  I have gotten so much healthier, stronger, and gained so much from this program, so it’s still crazy to me that I was able to win money from it as well! The workouts were incredibly fun and the structure took all the guesswork out of it for me; all I had to do was commit, give it my all, and trust the process. I’m forever grateful for what this challenge has done for me!”

Kiara Coleman@itskiarasimone

“This challenge is the best program that I’ve ever been apart of. Not only has it changed my physical appearance but it has changed my mindset on health and fitness as well. I love being apart of this community. It helps you to be accountable and want to go harder to achieve your goals.”

Alessandra Finn@caramel_cookie83

“H.E.A.T Challenge is by far the best online program I ever encountered. It has helped me change my whole mindset and has become a lifestyle. It has helped me gain the physique I never thought was possible. HEAT Challenge gives you a major blueprint for you to transform your body’s temple into something so far greater than what you start off with. At the age of 46 I never thought I would get stopped so much and ask, What do you do? I tell everyone about the HEAT Challenge”

Maria Moore@maria_unique89

“Thank you DP for providing such an amazing platform that is so easy to use. I love the follow along videos. For cardio I did my body weight at home workout and the dumbbell workout at night. I really appreciate the follow along videos because I am new to working out and I don't have the time to YouTube every workout in between sets just to see what I'm going to do. You provide the best greens and best collagen I have ever tried and I take them daily. Thank you so much for helping me and so many other people that I see doing amazing transformations.”

Alexis Fuller@kefira_alexis

"I wasn’t happy looking in the mirror and knew I should do something. Deciding to join was the best decision I’ve made for myself in a long time. They give you all the tools you need to succeed. You get a meal plan, daily workouts, live accountability calls and more. Give 1% and trust the process, you will see results. This was my first H.E.A.T. Challenge and it won’t be my last."

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